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About Soil Secret, Inc.

Soil Secret, Inc.Soil Secrets mission: "It is our goal to serve our customers in a way that would be pleasing to the Lord. Honesty and integrity are our guidelines as we work to improve the environment through our products. Giving back to the community, striving to let the world a better place for future generations."

We are Jay and Nellene Myer. We live on a 112 acre farm in Ogdensburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania where we grow hay & corn, and raise 55 beef cattle, 35 whitetail deer and millions and millions of red worms! Since we raise all our own meat, pork, chicken, beef, have a few layers for our own eggs, and have a big garden, we don't have to buy much at the grocery store! Obviously, we like to live off the land! Our Church is Canton Mennonite Church, where we are Young Adult Sunday School teachers, and very active with the youth. We were both born and raised in Lancaster County, and lived there for 40 years before moving here 12 years ago. Nellene and I Love it here, enjoying nature, the outdoors, hunting, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, cruising on the Gold Wing, biking on the rail to trail at the Grand Canyon, hiking, etc. Nellene also works as a waitress, and I drive school bus. We don't sit around much!

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